Zuma The Dog
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Print & Colour

 Here are some free downloads available to print on A4 paper for your little ones to colour in. Please click the links below to download our colouring templates. Have fun!

Zuma Waving

Zuma Cuddles


Zuma Playing 


Get Creative!                                                     


We’ve teamed up with the author of the popular childrens activity book the World of Popagami, Philip Craik to bring you more fun products from Zuma the Dog. Here are three of Zuma the Dog's Popagami® origami animal buddies and Zuma the dog himself for you to download free. Simply, cut out (carefully) and create. Unlike the paid for downloads, these free origami puppets are just in black and white and are presented on A4 paper for you to print out, perhaps colour in and then cut out.

You can view some basic instructions for folding your Popagami® origami puppets here on their website: http://www.popagami.com/popagami-folding-instructions.html

Also, remember that you can download or order your copy of the full colour Popagami® origami puppets at the following link and don't forget to look out for our Zuma the Dog version www.popagami.com


Zuma's Cat Buddy
Zuma's Bunny Buddy
Zuma's Giraffe Buddy
Zuma the Dog