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Each year we design a new T-shirt for our chosen charity Bianca

Bianca is a Portuguese charity that rescues, treats, cares for and then re-homes stray and abandoned dogs and cats. Many of the animals, which are left in the streets to fend for themselves or found tied or chained to the fence of the Bianca compound, have suffered severely through neglect and abuse and, without Bianca, some would simply starve to death or die of treatable diseases. Established in 2002 in Sesimbra, south of Lisbon, and run solely by volunteers, Bianca now takes 600 animals into its care every year.

The shelter currently looks after over 250 dogs and in addition fosters 30 cats and works diligently to find loving, permanent homes with responsible owners for the animals in their care. This re-homing takes place not only in Portugal but in many countries around Europe such as Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Holland, and Norway, through a network of animal associations. An exciting new opportunity to re-home even more animals in Bianca’s care is opening up in the United Kingdom, due to the changes in regulations.

The best life for these animals, who through no fault of their own have found their way to the Bianca shelter, is to be adopted into a forever home. Funds raised through Friends of Bianca are being used to not only support Bianca in Portugal but to assist in their current re-homing program and hopefully in early course to assist in bringing dogs to the UK.

To learn more about Bianca visit their web site at www.bianca.pt/english.

These brightly coloured t-shirts reflect the Zuma the Dog style and also comes with our logo on the back. Available in mens, womens and childrens sizes, everyone can now enjoy wearing a Zuma the Dog designed product and feel good in knowing they have also helped a dog or cat in need.

100% of the money you pay goes direct to Bianca and helps to pay for food, shelter and medicine and help find these animals loving new homes Europe wide.