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Zuma's Doggy Blog

Zuma often has something to say and you can read his opions here on his blog.


Year of the Dog


The year is winding down and most of us are looking forward to family time and pressies under the tree. Here at Zuma the Dog's head office we're taking a break from this busy time to relax and reflect on the passed year as we welcome in the new year. "What's ahead for us in the coming year?" We ask. Well, none of us know for sure, but 2018 was the year of the dog and it was certainly a year for Zuma the Dog.

It started with a total rebrand. A complate new look for my alter ego. A brilliant decission (as I see it) by my hooman as this new me gave my alter ego the abilty to give new expression and a platform for me to talk about what I care about most (apart from sleeping under my hoomans duvet all day). My brand was originally designed to bring colour into the lives of children. To allow them to be themselves, to raise self esteem and give the abilty for them to communicate about anything they wish, to feel love and acceptance and love and accept others. With the rebrand and new me, doors have opened up to a greater opportunity to spread my brand philosophy further across the planet and we look forward to seeing the plans that are put in place surging ahead for 2019. 

Christmas 3

We are so excited to be able to share them with you. From our animated TV series, to new merchandise, which include clothes, phone cases, posters, books and not forgetting out planned appearences in the UK Children's press this coming year. New products will be added to our website throughout the year, so you must come reguarly to visit.....................I insist.

And with all that in mind, on behalf of everyone from team Zuma the Dog and myself, we wish you all a wonderfull Christmas and happy new year. See you all on the other side!


  Love you



Zu,a 12